Acumen is a FinTech Innovation

Seamlessly collaborate, organise, track workflows and analyse data through intelligent modules for compliance, digital documents and value-based analytics

For CA/CPA and Company Secretary, Acumen is a comprehensive collaboration platform for providing services and compliance to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and other clients.

Through the use of smart data solutions, Acumen allows CAs/CPAs and Company Secretaries to create and facilitate business growth and strategic management decisions through the use of smart data solutions, for their clients (MSMEs and others).

The client's future of business

Acumen is a suite of services facilitating CA/CPA and CS to unlock value for MSMEs and others

Create a more efficient workflow

Use multiple channels for each type of service offered
One platform to handle all services
Lots of physical storage required for client documents
Digital storage for client documents with enhanced security

Encourage collaboration

Clients have different or multiple ERP solutions
Integration with any ERP solution or data file type
Collaborating and managing clients and internal teams are separate processes
Collaborate and manage clients and internal team members from the same platform

Keep peace of mind

Client documents are spread across multiple channels in multiple areas
Keep all client documents in one secure platform

Expand your reach

Too busy managing clients and team members, and remembering deadlines
Free up time to explore opportunities with recurring tasks
Industry network is seen as competition
Opportunities to monetize industry networks

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