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Acumen offers a one platform approach to all your professional needs

Solutions for every service you offer your clients.

On Boarding

One platform to digitize relevant client information using cloud setup

Easily onboard clients using the Government Data Repository, digitize company documents and certificates, and identify new business and networking opportunities.

Bulk onboard clients to get set up faster

Automate the setup of compliance tracking

Quick access to customer information and documents

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  • Single location to search publicly available information
  • Search companies master information
  • Search directors and their history
  • Useful in onboarding MSME with few easy steps
  • Analyse company information for associations and regular updates
  • Use this to target new customers
  • Use this to build your sales and services network

Compliance Tracking

One Platform to track all aspects of company compliance

Never miss a deadline with automated Compliance Tracking along with the ease of customer onboarding via a comprehensive Government Data Repository.

Onboard clients with the aid of the Government Data Repository

Set compliance tasks on recurring schedules

Search the Repository for new leads or revenue opportunities

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  • Predefined country/company type compliance checklist
  • Keep compliance checklist in one place
  • Effective and efficient tracking of customers compliance
  • Timely filing and adherence to compliance
  • Avoid government fines on non-compliance
  • Prioritise your work
  • Improve customer collaboration
  • Manage and maintain your to-do list related to each compliance item

Task Management

Digitize your workflow and people management with our interactive and intelligent task management module.

Do much more with your resources.

Get smarter with multi-layer tasks and team management.

Drive efficiency and maximize resource productivity.

Track on the go, any time.

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  • Digitize how you run your business
  • Track any task. Bring all clients under a single platform
  • Easily create tasks, assign it to team member(s) and clients
  • Create multiple dependencies and add timelines to tasks
  • Interactive module that helps you assess options for task assignment
  • Updates to tasks and reassignment is also smooth and easy
  • Track from anywhere, any time
  • Maximize resource allocation and productivity

Digital Documents

One Platform to store and manage all of your clients documents

Free up storage space, upload, and request documents through the Digital Document Exchange, a shared filing system for client data and documents.

Request documentation from clients to be uploaded

Upload and smart search all freele types in the shared folders

Create custom filing structures for each client

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  • Be part of digital transformation
  • Unified storage to assist in quicker search
  • Consolidated view of your documents
  • Paperless office
  • Control and secure access
  • Content analytics and federated search to easily locate documents and contents
  • Reduce your storage cost by compressing files
  • Work from cost effective locations/centres

Financial Analytics

One Platform to integrate all types of ERP data into standard anayltics

Seamlessly integrate with ERP solutions to efficiently manage client data and create standardized Financial Analytics across your client base. Offer clients strategic Enterprise Analytics too.

Upload ERP files directly to Acumen

Get automated, standardized reports from the data

Subscribe clients to in-depth enterprise analytics

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  • One platform with in-built analytics
  • Integrated with various ERP
  • Flexibility to switch between ERP without having to adjust with new reports
  • Seamless integration with existing ERPs. Enjoy instant prebuilt and advanced custom reports for analytics
  • Platform agnostic approach
  • Faster and easier submission of reports
  • Consolidated view of your organisation
  • Download data, reports and share it with your peers and customers
  • Maximize cash flow management through robust data analytics.

Consulting and Audit

One Platform to manage and prioritize specialized projects

Automate your approach to Consulting and Audit Management for employees and clients to streamline the way you work and communicate.

Reuse structure by creating recurring projects on a schedule

Collaborate on specialised projects with partners and employees

Templated project structures to save time

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  • Track organisation wide tasks
  • Consolidated view of your work
  • Perform work planning and prioritize your work
  • Setup recurring tasks
  • Track progress and address challenges
  • Collaborate with company users and customers
  • Use this to build your sales and services network
  • Multi-level, multi-dimensional workflow automation and tracking

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Digital Invoicing and GST

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